Thankful Thursday – Temptation

After a really focused week last week I seem to have yet again fallen capture to the demonic notions within me! It is really hard for me to say ‘NO’ to the things getting in my way, these certain temptations play the wickedest tricks with my vulnerable mind and I just cannot seem to beat them. One would think if a person can kick tobacco in thee a*** after 13 years then gluttony would be a doddle! It happens that this overlooked addiction is my worst downfall and seemingly the root of my unhappiness and the ugliness that comes from the dislike I have for myself at these harsh times! Huge urrrgh! Nevertheless!…I am here today, I am thankful to be alive and I want to express my gratitude for being able to see where I am going wrong instead of just obliviously living in ignorant bliss with an ego as my best pal! I am thankful to know what I need to do even if I just can’t be the strength to achieve it.


10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Temptation

  1. Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog… in reply to this blog post from the perspective of a person, I would say… the biggest discovery during the last year for me was, that for so many years I was an asshole for myself, and I can say it easily today, an asshole from the perspective of watching the illusion of life, and acting as it was real, mostly by judging or criticising, which is just coming from the mind… from the mind’s game… addiction is the same, you don’t have to fight something which is not real, and as I guess… you’ve just chosen to act like that until, you want to change it… or a game, that most of us playing in life will become so boring, that will fell of naturally, like the leaves from the tree when the time is right… instead of fighting, or acting from the perspective of ‘a fight’ or ‘courage’ … maybe, I’m not sure… look at it from another perspective, which will give you more freedom of choice, or at least will show up the doors of future possibilities… or maybe, start the day from walking… a fresh breath of air, which cleans from the inside out πŸ™‚ Cheers from the heart of Ireland, Swav

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