My Secret Valley

Thanks Carl. A super article about Trees and Life.


For over 2 decades this secret valley has my destination of retreat, and can be located a mere 15 minute walk through some pine reforestation on the outskirts of Hillsdale where I live.

I enter it very respectfully, being fully aware it is in the hands of private ownership.  Being extremely careful not to leave any trace of my presence, I will exit a slightly different route than I entered.  Throughout the different seasons, the places I enter and exit will vary, lest a trail will start to develop, which would draw attention to my intrusion.

Always very calming entering My Secret Valley! Always very calming entering My Secret Valley!

For over 22 years I have come here, ever since my wife and I moved to Hillsdale, and when my oldest, who is going on 23, was a baby.  This valley has been my place of retreat, a refuge, from the daily churn of hidebound life.

In a…

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