Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Letting go

This awesome quote will always be applicable in that it can relate to everything you love.

let it go

For this weeks Weekly Challenge – Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading I chose some song lyrics that go round and round in my head all the time.
The reason I chose this quote is because I felt a huge surge of happiness this week when I finally got my hand on a pushchair that I have wanted for ages! After trying to get one for a price I could afford a while back I decided that I could not possibly afford one so I just accepted it, let it go and bought one for a tenner.
This week our 9th (approx) pushchair snapped  and the search for an appropriate one lead me back to a Joovy! Again these are pricey even when used but I knew it was the only one that would do so I  put a high bid on one.  Bah! I was outbid already paying more than I would of wanted so I searched again and found one for a complete bargain price! I am so lucky! THANK YOU ❤
Clearly that is the One for me. I couldn’t believe my luck when speaking to the seller and she agreed to the terms I needed. YAY! Awesomely amazing!! I am so happy 🙂
All being well it should be with us Tuesday 🙂
It just goes to show, let it go, if you are meant to have it it will come back.

Love. Peace


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