Thankful Thursday – Calm

Today I am thankful for the hectic times so I can truly appreciate the calm as without those moments I wouldn’t know how blissful calm is. I am extremely grateful for the calm times and the occasional early night!

Sometimes it just gets too much and even Mummy needs a time-out.

My eldest Boy has some anxiety problems which started at a very young age and it is hard for me to understand him sometimes when he gets in a worried muddle. When he is calm he is the most loving, gentle and beautiful boy I have ever met and after a blow out the calmness is more deeply embraced. I often struggle to deal with the situation appropriately due to the interference of my thinking about disliking myself for allowing such feelings to be put into him. I know we will continue to go around in circles until I change my approach. I believe we will come to a peaceful ideal one day.

My younger Son is slightly more on the boisterous side and I sometimes feel we should have called him Taz (as suggested by his cousin) (No I do not allow them to watch the programme) as he really can whip up a storm in the house, especially in the kitchen! These times are surely just a test for my reaction to which I keep failing! I thank The Almighty for the opportunity to improve my self and ask forgiveness for not handling it all better! When my little one is calm he can be most polite and extremely caring.

Tonight we all shared a time-out together and spent time united in calm, this I am grateful for.

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