Thankful Thursday – Light of Life

Today I feel thankful for all my blessings as I do each morning that I awake. Today I feel very blessed and grateful to have the Sunshine beaming into my kitchen. It is a pure reminder that I am alive and if the true beauty of life and the real warmth of God. A sweet touch to help me embrace life.
I have never seen it so sunny this time of year and it is truly beautiful (with an underlying thought of “maybe it shouldn’t be this hot in winter, what’s happened?”). I love rising to a sun lit day.

Today I opened the doors and after slipping off my slippers I earthed myself in the tiniest patch of Sunny grass where my baby Rosemary is making her home and I prayed. I prayed for humanity to wake up and for the self destruction to cease, for needless hunger and homelessness to end. I apologised for the people’s ignorance and greed. I gave thanks for this beautiful day and held my face to the Sun with hope we can all see the light of respect needed for each other and our beautiful planet. All One.

 Love & Light x



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