Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Strength

Weekly Blogging Event by Silver Threading Writer’s Quote Wednesday

It is a fact that not everybody on the Earth is kind and has the World’s best interests at heart, in fact most people are out for themselves which in a way is the idea to a degree although treading on others to get what we want is not a very noble way to go about doing so. Having strength in listening to the voice in our soul will get us where we need always.

“A truly righteous person never provokes war yet he is always prepared for it” – Al Vims

Al is totally right with his quote and I support it fully. I believe history says Oden had his own version of the quote for a raging Thor too.

No matter how kind and loving we are, to truly be able to protect ourselves we must be aware that we could be attacked, mentally or physically at anytime.

I believe that acting the ‘big man’ supporting a cocky ego and looking for trouble / physical bullying / forced unwanted contact causes bad vibes and yields only pain later to come back as humility. Yet I also believe shying away from a little rough and tumble physical fun with friends or family can lead to physical weakness and loss of preparation for our physical world…oh there’s another saying…”You can’t wrap them up in cotton wool forever”…totally understandable regarding a fragile baby to protect its weak frame although if a child is strong enough to climb a tree or go down a slide isn’t it time to let them deal with the pain of falling over without ridiculously over-doing the comforting? This helps them with strength, well that is my experience anyway.
I feel we should never start arguments or any kind of physical war with others, instead to use a higher self to accept and understand the problem and deal with it appropriately without pain. This will then naturally give us strength in difficult confrontational situations.

I also believe in having enough confidence in our own beliefs to stand up for ourselves mentally and to be fit and strong in body to stand up for ourselves physically.

It is like protecting yourself from all angles bringing us inner peace.


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