Thankful Thursday (delayed) – Guidance & Achievement

Goodness me. What a whirlwind of a time I am having this end of the blogosphere!
Being under the weather and caring for my 2 poorly children for the second or third week now (losing track) has left me gasping for air let alone the strength to type, nevertheless everyday I have given thanks for my needs being met and to being surrounded by those I love.

I am deeply grateful for the strength I have been able to produce in the continuous struggle with the tobacco addiction I have had for some lengthy thirteen and a half years, in that I haven’t caved in, no matter how many times I picked up the idea to smoke! A huge thank you to all forces gifting me inner strength.

I am also extremely grateful for the deeper understanding of the problems I face regarding my health.
I finally feel, regardless of the mammoth of a mission to overcome it, that I can and will undo what problems can be undone and that I will beat the rest to get the best version of my digestive system up and running. I too, do believe that a healthy gut leads to a healthy all round happy me 😊
Thank You to the greatest light bearer for all the guidance and thank You to everyone sho has gifted their advice, knowledge and wisdom through their undying care and love, for although this discovery is far from was it is the righteous path not to be squandered.

All the hardship I have experienced this week, this moon, has opened my eyes to the truth in using persistence and vision; amongst any darkness, true beauty can grow and make it through into the light where it can be still and blossom.

Bless ❤


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