Landscape – Photography 101

Woah talk about better late than never and I really should be in bed right now but I finally got my shot for the Landscape assignment and amazingly it was taken on a moving bus 😀 I have already done the blogging 101 assignment for this week so I want to get this one done before I drift off.


It is not often I get to appreciate such open scale land as this so when the green caught my eye (moving bus or not) determination was determined the get this shot, albeit a little blurry. I still got one I feel is worthy! Ahh how I would of loved to of got off the bus and just wandered to the gathering of trees in the distance, you know maybe I will another time.

After a little help from the amazing WP team I worked out the cropping situation and sniped out the distracting white stuff from the photo.
I much prefer it now.



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