Double – Photography 101

I am so happy with my shot for today! Upon first reading the assignment I was rattling my brain as to what I would be able to capture on the little mission planned for the day and then I saw it; the beautiful and peaceful little farm that I adore admiring every week had today gifted the perfect double πŸ™‚

The hens of the farm luckily for me were two of a kind and were more than happy to pose. As I approached the farm and saw what I wanted to capture, I soon realised I was too far away to get a shot, I was undecided as to whether I was going to walk up the drive to get the shot and risk the owners asking me what the heck I think I am doing taking photos on their land of their animals but I decided I wasn’t doing any harm so bravely took a stroll up the drive, greeted the ladies and took a few shots. One of the hens came straight over and looked straight into the camera and the other one stayed behind giving the perfect effect for my photo today.

These two are definitely twins πŸ™‚


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