Introduce Yourself – Blogging 101

Hi to everyone that is part of this course. Forgive my ever lateness, I am just posting Mondays task now.
I am extremely determind and I would love to complete this course and will pursue in catching up in the assignments.

Today’s assignment: who am I, why am I here.

Hello and welcome to PeaceCrafting. My name is Lucy, I am a Mother and I have loads of energy to share about positive living that aims at nurturing my family and protecting the Earth we live on. My aim is to channel the information I have giving as many people access to truths as possible. Offering guidance to the light.This is a blog about a healthier life all round and working with it’s flow to achieve greater results. It is diverse in its categories ranging from food to children’s activities and eco friendly living.
I am new to blogging and my site on WP is just over 5 months old now. I love meeting fellow like minded writers they always offer something fresh!
I love writing and photography and I am doing both courses. I love exploring and discovering the true beauty of life and working with all of humanity for a righteous world.


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