Cut Out People – Children’s Activity

What a great and simple way to set off a creative flare within your children, designing and making your own little people.

Having the children draw in their own detailing and possibly naming the figures helps the child become more involved in the activity encouraging them to deeper relate to the characters. It teaches them through demonstration and aids understanding of the nature of people, their features, expressions, activities and moods.

We created several backgrounds for the figures to explore various places from all around the world outside of a home. We also role played in these places to teach the children what people do at each place.

We used a collection of natural items we foraged from the woods on a previous outing to give detail to the backgrounds. This taught the children about using objects for different uses and brought out pictures to life.

The varieties of people that can be created and the background scenes that can changed about are of no end. The imagination can really be exercised.

All you need is paper, card and some colouring pencils for basics.
Draw the outline of the figures, cut them out. Design and create the characters. Design, draw and build the different background scenes. Take the cut out people on journeys into the different scenes to create a wave of learning through imagination for your children.
Anything can be incorporated into this art to create a lively background scene, for example the nature items or what about fabrics, dried foods like organic pasta or seeds, old pictures, used packaging etc. There’s so much diversity of inspiration out there that its all down to what you have around you and the creative mind at force.


2 thoughts on “Cut Out People – Children’s Activity

    • Awesome! If your a good at drawing and have the right tools then tho can become a truly creative and personalised adventure. We chose too forage just before sunset today for a difference 🙂 thanks for your comments x


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