Sticky Tape Fun Collage

October hits us with its inundated beauty. It brings vibrancy to our lives showing the changes in seasons and gives us a true taste of the divine.

So many colours and windswept treasures lay before us in such abundance, that it would be a shame not to use it to craft something beautiful out of it.

Off on another journey the boys and I began collecting gifts from nature. We were all fascinated by the leaves and the diversity of fractal patterns and explosive colours that are shown in the Autumn Fall season. The ground beneath the trees coated in a warm blanket of fallen leaves, twigs, seeds, nuts and feathers giving a cosy feel to life on a most appealing natural level.

We were out on our trail for a good few hours, we gathered a fair bag full of things, we were generously gifted beautiful grapes straight from the vine, we played alphabet football in the park and we helped save a dog!

It was a beautiful day and once we had returned home we got the craft board and emptied out our bag of treasures.

We had loads of great stuff from all kinds of trees and animals.

We then got out the cellotape which I sectioned for us prior and began arranging our items. Next we used pieces of the tape to hold our items in place for the collage

We identified the items as we went through them deciding what to use.

The kids loved playing with the tape and arranging the items around and after making a collage each we stored the rest of the things for another time.

This activity helps spark a creative and artistic flame within children, helping them understand and be at one with nature.

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