Alphabet Football Game

What a wonderfully simple yet extremely fun and effective way to get children being active and learning the alphabet at the same time. Love it.

Yes it’s as simple as it sounds but loads of fun.

All you need are some beautiful children and a ball!

This game can be played with one child (any yourself) or lots of children.

It is perfect for younger children just developing speech and for getting to know the alphabet better.

Have a kick about to burn off the energy and to bring in the idea of a ball game. I suggest this as a starting point as ‘alphabet football’ is a throwing not kicking game so getting the want for kicking out the way prior is a good idea as focus is required.
Standing a fair distance away from each other play catch and begin to engage verbally starting at the beginning of the alphabet (or backwards if you are an alphabet pro – haven’t tried this yet but we will definitely be giving it a go next time the ball is out). Take it in turns to say a letter or let the children say them between them as the ball is passed to each other. If the ball gets dropped add an “ohhh” and a giggle and continue onto the next player until you reach the end of the alphabet.

This game can be adapted to using numbers (infinite game if catch) or even colours or animals etc.

Perfect game for a sunny day or using a small sift ball this can be played inside too 😊

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