Tomorrow is promised to no one. Living in the here and now is to be able to let things go and to not worry. To get things done that need doing. To achieve the important goals that keep your life in health, physical and mental.
Too many people spend too much of their lives in an unnecessary state of stress concentrating on what may happen, instead of thinking about what they can do to create joy in this present moment. It is actually all we ever have.
Stressing over something surely only focuses you in negative energy thus creating negative outcomes…a negative life.
Is the situation really that bad, more importantly can you do anything about what you are worrying about? No?…then all you can do is let it go and choose to be happy. Lucky you! You have that choice.
Everytime it creeps up just understand you cannot change anything and get back to the things that need doing, dismiss the stress and worry and focus.
You can naturally learn how to just put it to one side and let it go. It’s great!
Holding onto the state of being in the present constantly, in the now, I feel would be an extremely beautiful life.
Being able to be at peace is beautiful if only for a minute and may be achievable by everyone.
Believing you can live this way is the first step to freeing your mind.
Taking a short while early in the morning to just be and not to think really clears the mind for the day allowing thinking to flow calmer.
I am a very busy bee with children that certainly keep me on my toes, I don’t get much time to myself and I find setting up the day with a main structure helps to keep the flow going steady, to anchor in the now and remember to do all that can be done. By ensuring you know the root and cause of the stress and exploring any possible changes you can make first, you will understand that nothing more can be done. You have done all you can. What else can you do?
You can focus on the work at hand.
Doing all tasks and following all ideas that arise within you instead of leaving them until ‘later’ generates you feeling happier overall. Following the voice within, the guidance, your Soul at its moment of inspiration shows you that’s how you really get things done, that’s living a life, when you look back. Like all great things patience is required to see this for fact although it does make sense.
Procrastinating only proves to clog up space within you that can be used for creativity.
Leaving things too long can actually lead to being very unhealthy, it can create an unpleasant cycle. You don’t do the thing that needs to be done so you resent it then because you resent it you just leave it to then feel negatively towards next time it pops up. If you do things spontaneously or as they need to be done, the to do list gets quickly ticked and before you know it you’ve had another great day! You instantly feel a satisfaction of achievement knowing its done and can live better in the moments of peace that are gifted.
You may notice the effects of your more conscious decisions straight away, the effects are certainly noticeable over a few months of really making the effort to do everything there and then. Looking back it is evident that more time is spent in joy when these ‘little things’ aren’t lingering in the mind somewhere. Again leaving the mind freer and for feeling good vibes.
Focus is maintained through construction of structure. Organisation.
Focusing on the now and being free from worry naturally dismisses bad vibes and less negative situations occur, if negativity does arise the capability to deal with it is enhanced.
After a while of choosing to be positive its clearly evident less negativity surrounds you in general. Less is naturally drawn to you. Positivity and inner warmth fill the Soul.
Choosing kind and positive thoughts, truly leaves you with more joy and allows you to connect with other like minded people, filling our world with love.

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