A must try – simple & scrumptious, shredded Kohl Rabi, Beetroot and Apple side salad.


Wow! The taste is divine. It’s totally different to what I expected!

For my first time eating a meal containing beetroot, this is now a must have regular side dish here in the kitchn. Betroot is yummy! Yummy yummy yummy!
This dish is incredibly simple (and fun) to make, it’s totally raw, organic, fresh and vegan and it truly tastes delicious. I am so thankful to my beautiful friend for gifting me this recipe 🙂
With absolutely no cooking involved and no need for sauces what could be more perfect for light summer food than this satisfying and taste bursting salad.

Requirements (adapt quantity to your preference):

– 1 Apple

– ½ Kohl Rabi
– 1 Beetroot
– Squeeze of Lemon
– Sprinkle of salt
– Shredder or grater
– Bowl & Spoon & Knife


1. Wash and peel the fruit and veg
2. Shred / grate the Kohl Rabi and the Apple first then shred the beetroot after
3. Pile it up, take a picture for your own food blog 😉
4. Gently mix ingredients into a bowl
5. Season lightly with a little Lemon for a slight zing and a pinch of Salt to combine and release flavours (if desired)
6. Plate it up alongside your main dinner ingredients or just eat as a light meal for lunch
7. Intensely devour with extreme compassion for each mouthful. It’s a true taste of God.


Try it yourself and see. Be brave, be bold and discover a new world within your reach.



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