Instant Results & Instant Relief for IBS – The Power of Milky Oats

Amazed! Truly thankful, truly amazed!
Wow this evening I was in agony with my guts, like real agony, gut rot to the max and then I remembered about the Milky Oats that magically appeared in my garden and about the articles I read on them having a digestive aid so it seemed like the perfect time to harvest them.
Out I went wrapped up in winter warmies, full of cold, I gave thanks to God for bringing me these wonderful little blessings and then taking my index finger and thumb gracefully slid the Oat heads off each straw into my little bowl. My Son also had a go at stripping the oat straw, ahh how joyful it is getting the kids involved in the heart of the homestead even if they scream and don’t fully understand the purpose of the task yet.
I filled the bowl and left one straw full of Milky Oats so they can harden naturally to fulfill my curiosity of the final seed.


Whilst the water heated I took off the outer sheaths to about 1tbsp of the seeds and set them to one side. I then popped the Milky Oats in my leafy cup which coincidentally matched perfectly. After the water was the right temperature I infused the seeds for the Tea for around 13 minutes before drinking the concoction. May I add while all this was going I was yelping about at the great pain I was in as it really was very uncomfortable!

IMG3213A IMG3212A

Wowza! What a magical relief, within, what, I’d say around 3 minutes of drinking the tea the pain had greatly lessened, my stomach feels rather burnt out the last few days but the intestinal pain certainly settled and overall I felt revitalisation of my whole digestive system (enough so to instantly blog on the situation).
I was so truly amazed, I didn’t half believe it was the drink more than a natural coincidence, actually, to be perfectly honest. Then after eating dinner which again contained cabbage I got my usual beautiful flatulence and was again upset with myself as I knew it would happen, I automatically reached for the Milky Oats drink (love that) that was still in the cup and bam!…Instant results!…Instant! No bottom gas since!…OH YES! These babies have earned their keep in this house and have a permanent bed in my kitchen! I am so, so very happy and so stunned. That is pure nature’s divine magic right there, a remedy I am never going to forget! One to share with all.
I totally recommend this to any person suffering with a digestive system malfunction as it genuinely definitely works. I suffer from severe IBS so anyone with the same or lesser conditions will, I believe, definitely benefit.
If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your own Oats growing in your back garden then you can buy Milky Oats online and still make this simple Tea which bodes instant satisfactory results!
Help yourself out today.



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