Mess on your carpet? Try the ‘Simple Sprinkle Shaker’ carpet deodorizer and get results today!


After first realizing this carpet healing shaker was what was desperately needed to help my sorry carpet situation, I now, couldn’t live without it. Its so simple its silly not to have one in the cupboard
What a brilliant deodourizing aid to toddler mess this tool is….and…all natural and ecological!
Any liquid mess that makes its way onto the carpet can always be cleaned with a great homemade carpet soap but sometimes no matter how hard you scrub a smell can still remain. Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) is also a great lifting liquid with its light powdery form and can be purchased for a very reasonable price so it made sense this was the product to use for this particular job.
The kids can help clean up their own mess making it a sprinkling game learning as they go the consequences of taking off their nappies and running naked about the house quickly piddling whilst Mummy washes up and lets face it, there’s definitely a worse life than dancing about the carpet sprinkling magic dust!

For an effective solution to the lovely messes that come with children /pets / messy wives you will need:

  • An old Jam jar or alike – one with a tight-fitting thin lid
  • A strong and sharp knife
  • Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • A chopping board or alike for the knife to pass into




First clean out and reuse an old jam, pickle, chutney jar. Dry the jar thoroughly, then pierce the lid several times with a strong, sharp, short in length knife, ensuring there is somewhere suitable for to the knife to sink into when piercing each hole. It is important not to make the incisions too small or the powder won’t fit through effectively and you could struggle to get it to sprinkle, not too big or you get heaps and clumps. Around 5 mm at the least is a great size hole for effective results allowing the baking soda to pass through onto the desired wet mess.
Then once your lid is ready, fill the jar with the Bicarb and secure it very tightly.
After cleaning up whatever mess you have on your carpet with cloths and soap, dry as much as you can then get this baby out and dust over the entire wet patch generously. Leave the powder over the area for no longer than 4 hours or it can be difficult to remove and the lifted liquid can sink back into the carpet. When you feel the job is done, grab a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly suck up the powder. The liquid will be absorbed into the dust and the hoover will take both, its wise to empty the bag / filter afterwards to avoid clogging up the vacuum cleaner and to prevent nasty odours.

You can instantly see and smell the results of using this awesome tool on your carpet. It is actually quite fun and satisfying and i totally recommend you make one for your family today!


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