Healthy and Energising snack: Cacao stuffed Apricots



I have found that when offering raw Cacao nibs to loved ones, to promote and encourage optimum health for all, that the response is often too predictable and their faces say it all! Unless you are a custom to the real beauty behind the harsh taste of these nibs the taste can somewhat be, shall we say, a tad overpowering! Therefore i devised a cunning and yummy plan to get the goodness into my family and friends when they visit, wrap the nibs in something else healthy that will sweeten and Apricots really do the job I hoped they would. They deeply give the cacao sweetness and encase the crunch in a smooth, fleshy coating making them more pleasant to chew (debatable – I love the raw crunch – not many others seem to though!) and easier to consume.
With both of these ‘super-foods’ boasting health benefits by being high in antioxidants this snack is perfect for an energy boost and is great for a quick bite when time just isn’t there. Apricots providing us with Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Fiber, Copper and Potassium make them a perfect booster high in nutrients.
Theobroma Cacao nibs are definitely foods from the Gods indeed, being high in magnesium, known to boost your happiness and stamina, high in sulphur, known for healthy nail and hair growth whilst being cleansing to the liver and pancreas. Cacao is also higher in antioxidants, around 40 times more so than that of Blueberries! Known to diminish appetite this little snack will really see you through your mid morning / noon peckish times (and they taste awesome too!)

A real powerhouse snack available at a minimal price if you have the  ingredients in your cupboard. If not, both can be purchased together for very fair prices. Make a few up in an air tight container and they are great for travelling to.

I will always recommend you choose organic produce to ensure the healthiest foods possible although eating these foods organic or non organic is much better than not eating them at all!

To make these are really as simple as it seems.

You will need:

  • Dried Apricots
  • Raw Cacao Nibs
  • Teaspoon


  • Take a dried Apricot and unfold it or slice it
  • Using a teaspoon scoop half a teaspoon or how ever much you feel appropriate (amount varies depending on size of fruit) of Raw Cacao Nibs and stuff them inside the Apricot
  • Fold the Apricot to encase the Cacao and there you have it a delicious and highly vigorous snack


That’s convenience food at its best.

Once you’ve tried it you can share the passion I guarantee you will feel with your loved ones too. Helping to make the World a truly healthier and happier place!


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