Mums Mix Up Mash – Spinach, Ginger & Hemp

IMG1659AIt’s one of the simplest things right, mashed Potatoes and Butter? Surely everyone who’s ever cooked anything knows how get a good mash. Tonight I felt an impulse to mix up the mash and get a little creative, no biggie just a bit of a change.
Now, I am not a very educated cook and haven’t the foggiest where to start with flavours and what goes best with what, on top of that the budget isn’t great this week meaning there’s not much to choose from in the cupboards and making do with what we have. So first I thought about cooking the spinach we had as i read somewhere it’s healthier than the raw produce (woah i cooked the greens!) and decided I would add it to the mash once cooked. I then remembered about the random Ginger I had bought and not used and thought i wanted to try it as I had never cooked with it before, so out it came.
I didn’t have much time, as my children were real sleepy tonight and I’d had a busy day, so after undergoing absolutely no research on Ginger, I grated off the skin then grated a small amount. Having no idea if it is best cooked or not I decided to add some to the boiling mash and simmering Spinach! I kept some back to add raw as I wanted to make sure I could taste it as its aroma is pungent.
After 32 minutes I mashed the Potatoes and cooked ginger then added Soya butter. I then chopped the Spinach which cooked for around 13 minutes and added this into the mix, I then popped in the rest of the raw grated Ginger, added a generous helping of Hemp Seed Flour as it contains lots of healthy amino acids and then mixed it all into one mash.
Yum! It was delicious, how good is Ginger! The kids didn’t eat it so I ate it all lol, it  felt very healthy bar the butter and I was quite pleased with my spur of the moment mix up mash. Totally recommend it
Thank you to everyone who has helped me 🙂


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